Hilary Short is a graphic designer, writer, and researcher. She received her MDes in Graphic Design and MA in Design Criticism from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her BA in Sociology from Temple University in Philadelphia. Her research centers on mediums of information dissemination and the splintering of the mass subject, colloquially referred to as the death of print. 

Following her interest in information dissemination, Hilary has been working as a designer for Diversity Education within the Office of Diversity at UIC. Her current project, the Inclusive Classrooms Initiative, is a series of e-learning modules developed for instructors by faculty content experts. Hilary has been involved with strategic planning, collaborating with content experts and developing the user interface and experience. Hilary’s role within this initiative, and other trainings, has been vast including branding, design research, ui/ux design, graphic design, and direction of media development.

Hilary enjoys strategizing and designing for social impact. She also loves collaborating across difference and discipline as a form of continual learning, negotiating, and an exercise in reasoning.

Hilary used to enjoy really intense jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and baking before finding satisfaction through design thinking and problem solving, precision, and seeing something grow towards a new form.