hilary short

is a graphic designer and writer.

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news-on-paper after newspaper | schiff award nominee 2022

exerpt: if it really is about being overwhelmed by the pulls of our attention and not the information, then perhaps it is not about painting over words, preferring one over the other, but moreso equating old-style information gatekeeping (the news-on-paper) with the sunrise: now they are both outdated ways of noticing and keeping time. to be sure, we experience approximations of the same sun and approximations of the same news, making us mass subjects for both. both the sun and the news-on-paper sustained our “pluralistic ignorance”[i]—what tufekci credits social media for breaking. the painted sunrise masks the newspaper, disrupting its intended purpose—to disseminate daily information to us, its subject. but it is the newspaper that initially subsumed daily informative duties from the sunrise. for shibuya, this mark-making is a muting of the noise, the culmination of a world driven by the pursuit of information—first searching for it, then sorting it, and now being inundated by it.[ii]
[i] The belief that one is alone in one’s views when in reality everyone has been collectively silenced.
[ii] Mario Carpo says, “To make a long story short, at some point early in the new millennium some digital tools started to function in a new ay, as if following a new and apparently inscrutable logic—the ‘search, don’t sort’ logic of the new science of data.” See The Second Digital Turn, 6

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erasing erasure | schiff award nominee 2020

exerpt: neither removing, nor toppling, nor dismantling erases history, just the representation in public space—which does count for something, but not everything. there are history books that are written and rewritten, and will be re-rewritten. the present will always dictate what the past is, and what the future can continue to be. it is never truly ‘if this/then that’ but more of a slow shuffling or reshuffling. we are no longer (or never have been) in a time of black or white reasoning. there are so many lineages, adding their threads to the pile. transitions, in-betweens, gray-zones are our future. we must become comfortable with holding conflicting truths. so many things are ‘not forgotten’ but also not accurately remembered.

syllabi samples

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undisciplined: history & graphic design

instead of focusing on specific design histories (though this course looks at some examples) we will mostly be tracing the history of designers talking about design history and whether or not it is happening, can happen, or what should be done about it.

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the deaths of newspapers: printing & symbolizing

the newspaper most obviously carries information of death in the form of the obituary. but also in its daily, material death as its form shifts from something to be consumed to post-consumption, or as something to be made again.