hilary short

is a graphic designer and writer.

e-learning project #3

style guide and samples
2020 - 2021

I was specifically approached to liaise between two subject matter experts who had different perspectives on the same topic. My task was to synthesize both of their content and create one storyboard.
    This module was on implicit bias. Research shows that most people do not think they are biased (and yet…). I really kept this concept close to heart. I believe in people’s capacity to learn nuanced information. Solid writing, organization that feels intuitive and the balance between predictability and surprise was my beginning of really deeply appreciating the building of the user experience. I used language and syntax that was not accusatory but factual. My visual design approach was fun and poppy. The activities I created from the content were applications of theories not just regurgitations of content. (I love video games and I thought a lot about gamification during my time on this module.)
    I conducted usability testing for this module during which I had the joy of seeing people figure out the activities and understand the value of frustration in learning and the balance between pace and sustained interest.

style guide

illustration/visual storytelling samples

slogan development/copy

usability testing report