hilary short

is a graphic designer and writer.

e-learning project #2

style guide and usability testing
2021 - 2022

I consulted on this project during the grant application phase and hiring process. Once the project got going, I returned my focus to Project #3 (and grad school). While my initial involvement with this project was consulting on strategy with subject matter experts and stakeholders, the project was suffering in technical development. With my limited availability, I began coaching the junior designers in interactive design and basic UIUX principles.
    Six months into development, I was brought full time onto the project. After my assessment of work completed, and understanding the grant deadlines, I created a three month project timeline—which we met. While I had already been meeting with the designers to give technical support and to help them learn through problem solving, they immediately asked for a style guide. I could see that my role as teacher was over and that it was time for rules and templates.
    Having been a workshop facilitator on these particular module topics, I knew the content and also offered my support there. This experience helped me better understand how the traditional e-learning process puts designers at a disadvantage. They needed more communication and feedback loops. When the content is dripping in, and there isn’t time made for feedback, the pressure on the designer mounts. I tried to alleviate this as much as possible without going through a proper prototyping phase (though I used Figma for new content to show the information and interactive flow). I insisted on conducting user and usability testing (during the first cohort). This project really solidified my belief in the importance of a collaborative spirit and made me a prototype evangelist.

style guide

usability testing 

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