hilary short

is a graphic designer and writer.

e-learning project #1

style guide
2022 - 2023

I was hired as director for a one year program development. I worked with subject matter experts closely on the storyboard and sketched visuals. As both a writer and a designer, I like to work with both expressions at the same time: which part of this information can be a visual, what is it’s relationship to the text?
    After being hired, it was revealed that there was not a budget for a media maker or designer, so I wore many hats. This really challenged my integrity as a designer, but ultimately played a part in my technical strategy: what can be made simply but doesn’t feel overly simplistic? 
    Below is a sample of the style guide, purposefully plain for a streamlined approach. All three modules were prototyped in Figma, all illustrations made in Illustrator, all animations done in After Effects, and I tended to the UIUX after development in Storyline (Articulate 360). Additional work outside of the modules themselves were creating downloadable PDFs, and resource hubs on the web which included researching best practices and organizing information.

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